California Going to Pot, Legally?


Colorado kicked off the new year by allowing legalized recreational marijuana. Now some in California are pushing to do the same.

A recent poll by the American Civil Liberties Union shows 65 percent of Californians support legalizing pot. And California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is trying to launch a ballot initiative to allow marijuana.

Opponents say it's a bad idea for California's youth and for public safety.

"There is no doubt that marijuana is a gateway drug. Almost all the people who die every day from other drugs virtually all of them started on marijuana," Scott Chipman, with Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, said.

"This is a serious concern for our future. A productive society requires sober citizens and legalizing increases the number of drugged people," Chipman said.

Other citizens are concerned about marijuana users hitting the highways.

"We have enough problems with people that are drunk behind the wheel. With marijuana, how are we going to regulate that?" Los Angeles resident Eulalia Luevano asked.

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