Dangerously Cold Weather Crosses Country


A massive winter storm is hammering much of the northern U.S. Thursday packing tons of snow and causing freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions.

A blizzard warning is in effect for Long Island and Boston is expecting up to 14 inches of snow.

From the Midwest to the Northeast people are starting off the New Year thinking about snow. Nearly a foot has already fallen in Chicago where residents are doing their best to dig out before the next round comes.

Erik Madsen of Chicago uses a broom to dig out his car and clear the snow as best he can. "It does the job. It did the steps. It did the porch. Now it's doing the car. You make do with what you've got right now," he said.

In northwest Ohio, many communities got more than six inches of snow in just 40 hours making for dangerous road conditions.

"I know people get tired of us saying to slow down, but that's the best thing you can do," said Sgt. Robert Sellers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Now that storm is headed towards the east coast. Forecasters say about 70 million people are in its path preparing for blizzard-like conditions.

In Connecticut, shelters are gearing up to help those in need.

"There have been instances where people have frozen to death outside. Sleeping on the park benches and the temperatures are too unbearable for them," said Tytus Patterson from Emergency Management Shelter Services.

In New York, salt trucks worked late into the night, prepping the roads. Crews are expected to work 16 hour shifts to keep up with all the snow expected to hit.

We're worried about rush hour and that's what it is - don't be in a rush though," warned White Plains Department of Public Works Commissioner Bud Nicoletti, Jr.

As much as a foot of snow is forecast through Friday, and temperatures are expected to continue to drop. Some areas seeing highs just above zero

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