Former NFL Player Challenges Men to Be Role Models


Sunday is the Super Bowl, but former NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp has his eye on an event the day before.

Kemp and the Family Life Organization are challenging men to be heroes off the field in an event called "Stepping Up Super Saturday."

"America has a crisis of manhood. Men have an inborn desire for greatness, but that desire is a constant target for hijacking," Charisma Magazine quoted Kemp.

"All sorts of messages are telling men they can find that greatness by mastering the latest video game, having the champion Fantasy Football team, or reaching a certain number of Twitter followers," he continued. "As a result, far too many have dismissed themselves from the responsibilities and joys of serving their family."

Kemp shared why he is encouraging men from all walks of life to be role models, on CBN News Friday, Jan. 31.

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