Life of a King: Redemption of Felon Turned Chess Pro


"Life of a King," a powerful film on the real-life redemption of ex-felon turned chess champion Eugene Brown, hits theaters in limited release Friday.   

Brown started the Big Chair Chess House in Washington D.C. about 30 years ago.  Since that time, he's trained thousands of children to play the game.

Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., who plays the role of Brown, recently spoke with CBN News about the film inspired by Brown's life. It's a role he is very passionate about.

"It is part of my goal to tell stories that continually remind people of that theme, that connective theme," Gooding said.

"When you learn about people doing great things like this, who have been incarcerated, it is easy to say he is a felon," Gooding continued. "He is an ex-con who has made a difference in the life of these kids who are now considered intellectuals."

"Life of a King" is also available on video on demand.

***CBN News also spoke with the real-life Brown. His full story and interview will be featured on The 700 Club in the coming weeks.

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