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Lou Dobbs: Face It, America's in Deep Trouble


If you dream of a better tomorrow for America, first face the realities of today, journalist Lou Dobbs says.

That includes acknowledging that America is in deep trouble.

Every evening, Dobbs takes on tough topics on his popular Fox Business Network show, "Lou Dobbs Tonight."

Whether it's the national debt, the encroachment of the federal government, or the power and size of public sector unions and more, Dobbs says we have lost the values that once defined the American way - values like thrift, faith, efficiency, community, and integrity. 

In his new book, Upheaval, the outspoken television host says America has lost its moorings. He offers a prescription to get the country back on track.

Dobbs talked more about his new book and remedy for America, on The 700 Club, Jan. 8.

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