NFL's Super Kid Winner: 'God Can Make Miracles'


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- A 9-year-old Virginia boy will be living a dream this Super Bowl Sunday. Not only does he get to watch the big game in person, he'll also be on the field right before kickoff.

In this age of technology and seemingly constant "screen time," Thomas Brown is running in the opposite direction of many kids his age.

As a participant in the NFL Play 60 Super Bowl contest, the 9 year old made a pledge to exercise.

"That means you have to play outside for an hour," Thomas told CBN News.

Thomas first learned about the contest in an ad on the back of a scouting magazine. He went online and signed up by pledging to be active at least 60 minutes a day and answering a series of questions.

It paid off big time. Thomas won the contest, beating out thousands of young football fans around the country.

As this year's NFL Play 60 Super Kid, he will give the game ball to an official just moments before kickoff of Super Bowl XLVIII.

"God can make miracles," Thomas said. "I prayed every night about it, and then they told me that I won."

The experience boosted the faith of Thomas's mom, Sarah.

"The chances of him winning this are so slim, it's just amazing," she told CBN News. "I kept wondering, 'Why was he chosen?' and I think God had a reason for picking him."

Asked what she thought that reason might be, she answered, "I'm hoping that God can be glorified through this."

"I think that He's using me to make other kids know Jesus 'cause, like, if I'm on TV, which I will be, and I talk about God, then they'll be like, 'Oh, he's talking about God,' and they might become Christians," Thomas said.

As part of his victory, Thomas and his father, Shannon -- an active duty lieutenant colonel and fighter pilot in the Marines -- traveled to Pittsburgh to meet his favorite player: Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Thomas said Polamalu asked him to say grace before dinner.

"I said, 'Dear God, thank You for this day. Thank You that I got to go to Pittsburgh and that I get to have dinner with Troy Polamalu and that my flight was safe. In Jesus' name, amen."

The goal of NFL Play 60 is to encourage kids to stay active and eat healthy.

This "super kid" accepted the challenge and is now looking forward to the experience of a lifetime at the Super Bowl.

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