Oregon: Bakery Violated Rights of Gay Couple


Oregon officials have ruled that a Christian bakery violated the civil rights of a gay couple by refusing to bake a wedding cake for them on religious grounds.

The case began last year after a complaint prompted an investigation against Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries ruled the bakery violated the rights of the gay couple. The 2007 Oregon Equality Law protects against discrimination of homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people in public accommodations.

Exemptions from the law extend to religious organizations but not to private business owners. The state's labor department determined that Sweet Cakes is not a religious organization, and therefore violated the Act.

The bakery's owners, Melissa and Aaron Klein, say their beliefs have not changed after the bureau's decision. Oregon's labor department said it may bring formal charges against the bakery if the parties can't come to a settlement.

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