Wounded Warriors Cycle, Bond and Inspire


Soldiers sacrifice a lot for our country, and after serving overseas it's not always easy to adapt to normal life.

But wounded warriors in Florida have a new outlet to help them adjust to the physical, mental and emotional injuries from war.

At least a dozen wounded soldiers took part in the annual Soldier Ride cycling event.

They rode from Miami to Key West. Many of the wounded warriors saw the experience as therapeutic.

"The therapy we had today was a bonding -- not only with the animal itself but with each other," retired U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Rivera said.

"One of the benefits -- I would say one of the primary benefits -- is to get us out of the house and getting back with the community doing things because most of us suffer from injuries that you can't see," he explained.

The Soldier Ride event lasted four days. After the trip, the veterans enjoyed time swimming and playing with dolphins.

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