Michigan, Mass. Begin Clean-Up after Violent Storms


Segments of the country are recovering from violent storms that hit Monday.

There were tornado warnings for a large swath of Massachusetts, where the fast-moving storms uprooted trees and downed power lines in several communities.

Woburn and Bedford were among the areas hit. But Page Hill was hit the hardest, with downed wires that sparked a fire in that area.

"It was a little bit like Dorothy in the 'Wizard of Oz,'" Page Hill resident Lindsay Hemingway told reporters.

"All of a sudden it was going all around and I saw some flames going on outside," she said, recalling the storm.

There were nearly 10,000 power outages reported along Route 128 and north of Boston.

People in Michigan are also cleaning up following storms that moved through parts of that state.

Strong winds uprooted trees and knocked them into homes and onto power lines in Kentwood. The damage left many stunned.

It was a busy Monday for Brian Kwiatkowski, whose tree service company traveled through Kentwood to help families remove fallen trees from their homes.

Describing the scenes on the streets, Kwiatkowski said it's "stuff that you see maybe once every 10, 15 years unless you're on the coast looking at hurricane damage. We're getting structures uncovered, so insurance companies can do their work."

In Iowa, a calm holiday weekend quickly turned turbulent. On Sunday, tornadoes damaged homes and uprooted trees about 20 miles southwest of Waterloo.

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