Muslims Lose to Christians, Jews in Popularity Poll


Americans view Jews, Catholics and evangelical Christians favorably while having negative perceptions about atheists and Muslims, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

Most Catholics and evangelicals rated atheists lower than Muslims. But Jews and atheists rated evangelical Christians lower than Muslims.

"Could be that evangelicals, when asked about Jews, instinctively think of Israel and foreign policy, whereas Jews, most of whom lean Democratic, think mainly of domestic policy when asked about evangelical Christians," NPR quoted conservative blogger Allahpundit.

People over 65 rated Jews and evangelicals highest, while Muslims and atheists were rated the lowest.

Respondents between 18 to 29, however, rated Jews and Catholics highest and Mormons the lowest.

Meanwhile, Jews were viewed more positively than any other group, beating out Catholics and evangelical Christians for the top spot.

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