NOW Targets Catholic Charity in 'Dirty 100' List


The National Organization for Women has included the Catholic charity Little Sisters of the Poor on its list of "The Dirty 100" groups that sued the Obama administration because of its mandate to provide contraceptives in insurance coverage.

Little Sisters of the Poor was founded by a French nun in the 19th century, and the group serves the elderly poor in 30 countries around the world.

Its mission according to their website is "to contribute to the Culture of Life by nurturing communities where each person is valued, the solidarity of the human family and the wisdom of age are celebrated, and the compassionate love of Christ is shared with all."

That hasn't impressed NOW's head office, which has launched a campaign to "Ditch the Dirty 100." NOW is asking supporters to fill out an online form with a message to the "Dirty 100."

The message reads, in part, "I refuse to support businesses, non-profits, and religious entities that have decided that their personal beliefs are more important than the rights of their employees....I do not believe that the religious beliefs of an employer trump the religious freedoms and bodily autonomy of their company's female employees...As such, I cannot support businesses, nonprofits, and religious entities that do not respect the reproductive rights of their employees."

Critics on the website Twitchy called NOW's campaign "pathetic, even for them."

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