One Resolution for Border Crisis Could Happen Soon


Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., are inching toward at least one resolution to the country's growing border crisis.

The House of Representatives is set to vote Thursday on an immigration bill that addresses the U.S. and Mexico border issue.

The measure includes deploying National Guard troops and sending migrant children back home.

The bill would cost $659 million. But that's far less than the $3.7 billion President Barack Obama has requested.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Jerry Brown said his state is willing to shelter more migrant children from Central America.

"There are already a number of young immigrants, of young refugees in Ventura, and I certainly would support additional shelters to deal with this particular immediate challenge we have," Brown said.

Still, Brown said the U.S. government needs to find a long-term solution to the immigration crisis and Mexico needs to be part of that solution.

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