Remedy Drive Tops Chart with Trafficking Protest Song


One of Christian music's top rock bands, Remedy Drive, is currently topping the charts with their hit single "Commodity."

The song was written by brothers David and Philip Zach. It serves as a strong declaration of war against human trafficking and slavery.

The band was inspired to begin work against trafficking when band member David Zach took a trip to Southeast Asia for relief efforts.

Remedy Drive has teamed up with The Exodus Road, a nonprofit coalition fighting sex slavery through covert investigation and rescue. The coalition serves as a uniting force for organizations to enhance saving potential victims throughout the world.

Operating primarily in Southeast Asia, India, and the United States of America, The Exodus Road coordinates teams on the ground to rescue victims alongside local police. They also provide covert gear, operational funding, training, and networking support.

David Zach spoke with CBN News on why the issue seems to be most prevalent in Southeast Asia,

"Eighty percent of enslaved people today are in Southeast Asia. I believe its because there is so much poverty," he said. "But also I believe there is a real lack of care and value of women. There is a lot of corruption and ways for it to be exported from the world around there."

With relief efforts growing stronger in success, the outcome is not always a fairytale ending for victims that may be saved.

Cases have been reported of the children being sold into the system by their own family members. In this scenario, The Exodus Road has provided different organizations and groups to assist with recovery and living conditions.

Currently, The Exodus Road has supported the rescue of 253 sex slaves through the work of 53 undercover investigators.

Remedy Drive hopes to raise awareness of trafficking by inspiring listeners to take action.

"We want to make a concept album on liberty, to shine a light on slavery, to protest oppression and to empower rescue," Zach continued. "We want to add to the soundtrack of the resistance."

"My hope is that this album will sound like a captive's dream of liberty-a defiant reminder, against all odds, that in the King's Kingdom the oppressed can find refuge, the marginalized can find hope, the child soldier can find safety, and the trafficked daughter in the red light district can return to her innocence again as a princess of the Realm," he added.

By donating to The Exodus Road, funds assist the different groups within the coalition used for rescuing the victims to recovery programs.

To find out more on the coalition and Remedy Drive, visit Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road

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