Small Town, Big Battle Over Illegal Immigrants


A small town outside of Detroit has become a battleground for illegal immigration protests.

Citizens from across the state have gathered in Vasser, Michigan, after the city hall announced plans to foster more than 100 undocumented children.

Now a debate is brewing over the decision.

"The most important thing is that we think about what these kids need and do our best as a society to take care of them within the system that exists," one unnamed supporter said.

But protest organizer Tamyra Murray with Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement said it's not just kids that are coming over, but adults and teens with gang affiliations.

"They should have to go through the same process for security reasons that the legal people do when they come here," Murray said.

For some protestors, it's simply a matter of what is lawful.

"Our law says you must come to our country legally. I love these people and I have compassion for them, but we do not need them here taking our services," one protestor said.

Wolverine Human Services, the group that wants to take in the children, held a town meeting to try to calm nerves on the topic.

"We can't make everyone happy, but if we do get permission to move forward with this project, then our intentions are to do so," Derrick McCree with Wolverine said.

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