Bible-Themed Park Rejects State Grant after Protests


Organizers of a Bible-themed park planned for Sioux City, Iowa, turned down a state grant after anti-religious zealots protested public funding for the project.

The city issued a $140,000 grant to build greenways at the Shepherd's Garden theme park, saying the funds would not be used for any religious displays, such as the "walk of faith" or areas designated for prayer.

That apparently wasn't enough for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which said the city shouldn't be providing any money to a park with Christian themes.

The group sent a letter demanding the grant be revoked on the grounds that it violated both the U.S. and Iowa constitutions.

The theme park's supporters say concern over the "retreat of Christianity from the public square" inspired plans to build the Shepherd's Garden.

Meanwhile, an attorney for the FFRF called the decision to turn down the funds "a total victory for the separation of church and state."

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