FDR's D-Day Prayer May Not Be Added at Memorial


Words spoken in prayer by President Franklin D. Roosevelt might not be added to the memorial made in his honor.

Before soldiers stormed France by air and sea 70 years ago, they listened as their commander in chief led the United States in a prayer live on the air.

Roosevelt prayed, asking "Almighty God," for victory in the D-Day invasion, and "a peace invulnerable to the schemings of unworthy men, and a peace that will let all men live in freedom."

"Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity," he prayed. "And, O Lord, give us faith. Give us faith in Thee, faith in our sons, faith in each other, faith in our united crusade. Let not the keenness of our spirit ever be dulled."

He concluded the prayer with the words: "They will be done, Almighty God. Amen."

Efforts to add Roosevelt's D-Day prayer to the FDR Memorial at private expense have been unsuccessful.

Groups opposing the bill say that adding the prayer to the memorial "disrespects America's religious diversity," according to Simon Brown with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

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