Group Calls for Closure of Va. Abortion Clinics


The Family Foundation, a pro-life advocacy group, is calling on the commonwealth of Virginia to shut down two abortion clinics.

The clinics are owned and operated by Dr. Steven Brigham, a man with a long history of botched abortions and medical malpractice in multiple states.

"Here we have a doctor who has lost his license, had it suspended or revoked in multiple states. He's been caught lying under oath and had disciplinary actions. In fact, he's been charged with murder. We view this person as unfit to own an abortion clinic in the state of Virginia," Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb said.

Cobb calls Brigham another Kermit Gosnell, the former Pennsylvania doctor convicted in 2013 of murdering three infants born alive during abortion procedures.

Cobb is calling on Virginia Gov. Terry McAullife to shut down those clinics.

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