Last of the Original Navajo Code Talkers Dies at 93


Americans and international communities will commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day on Friday and for many survivors, this will be the last major D-Day event.

Many from the WWII generation are passing away. On Wednesday, the last of the original Navajo code talkers, Chester Nez, died at 93-years-old.

Nez was only in tenth grade when he enlisted, during a time in American history when Native Americans were not allowed to vote. Still, he helped forms the top-secret group.

"I reminded myself that my Navajo people had always been warriors, protectors. In that there was honor. I would concentrate on being a warrior, on protecting my homeland," he wrote years later in his memoirs.

The group created the code system the Japanese military couldn't crack. Nez was proud of their secret code system, saying it was "one of the greatest parts of history."

President George W. Bush awarded Nez the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2001.

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