America's Power Grid Sabotage a Real Threat


The U.S. power grid might be vulnerable to widespread sabotage.

The New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center raised concerns after recent incidents including sabotage or its potential at power plants and towers around the country, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

"Many of the grid's important components sit out in the open, often in remote locations, protected by little more than cameras and chain-link fences," the ROIC report stated.

The concern is that many of the incidents could be a sign of preparation for a larger, coordinated attack on the power grid, The Beacon reported.

Officials and experts have consistently warned terrorist or others could target the electrical grid to damage the country's infrastructure.

FBI investigators still have no suspects or motive in the ongoing investigation into last April's sniper attack on a power grid station in California. The military-style raid knocked out 17 transformers at a Pacific Gas & Electric Power substation, which feeds power to Silicon Valley.

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