'Duck Dynasty' Stars Promote Faith in 'God's Not Dead'


The Robertson family from A&E's "Duck Dynasty" recently took home the Faith and Freedom Award for their hit reality television series.

Now, two members of the family are about to hit the big screen in a new film called "God's Not Dead."

The theatrical film debut comes years after the Robertson family turned duck calls into a multi-million dollar empire, including the hit series.

The family's faith is at the heart of their show and it's front and center in this new film.

"God's Not Dead" stars actor Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame. Willie and Korie Robertson play themselves in the film. It opens in theaters across the country on Friday, March 21.

How realistic is the film? Willie and Korie Robertson appear on The 700 Club on March 14 to discuss this and how students can use it to support their faith.

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