Few Uninsured Americans Signing Up for Obamacare


Two new surveys reveal the Obamacare insurance marketplaces are failing to sign-up uninsured Americans.

The Washington Post reports one survey shows only 10 percent of the uninsured have signed up.

And nearly 90 percent of those who bought insurance on the Obamacare exchanges said they were just switching from an existing plan.

Will American voters be fooled by the new two-year health coverage extension for the non-compliant insured? Ken Blackwell, senior fellow for Family Empowerment at the Family Research Council, answers this and more on CBN Newswatch, March 7.

The Obamacare online process does not allow applicants to say whether they're uninsured.

March 31 is the deadline to sign up for insurance, but the Obama administration keeps revising aspects of the law to delay political fallout until after the fall elections.

This week, they announced people can keep their insurance plans even if they don't meet the requirements of the law.

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