Kids Averaging 650 Hits to the Head Per Sports Season


Congress is taking a look at how to protect young athletes from head injuries.

A recent study shows that kids playing tackle or flag football on average take 650 hits to the head every season, which increases the threat of concussions.

Girls' soccer is second on the list. Former team USA goalie Briana Scurry can no longer play due to a head injury.  

"I still have issues with my balance, loss of memory, concentration, difficulty focusing, sensitivity to light and sound," Scurry said.

"Most kids don't know how to head the ball properly at a young age. They really need to be taught how to do it well," Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, from Sports Concussions Program at Sinai Hospital, said.

Congress is calling for safer equipment and a change to the "win at all cost" culture of many sports.    

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