Mid-Atlantic, East Long for Spring after March Snow


With spring just two days away, snow accumulations in the mid-Atlantic and parts of the eastern United States piled as high as 11 inches.

West Wildwood, N.J., resident Charlie Beck is trying to make the best of shoveling out from frozen precipitation.

"I'm having a ball!" he said.

But Jersey Shore resident Emerson Shaw said enough is enough.

"It's kind of funny in one of the churches near where we live at home, they have a sign out that says, 'For all of those of you who are praying for snow, stop!' he said.

New Jersey resident Mike Schlegel said he's never experienced a winter like this one.

"No, not even close, especially in this late March," Schlegel said.

The winter storm made driving conditions treacherous in parts of Virginia and West Virginia.

A commercial passenger bus overturned on Interstate 95 in Stafford County, Va., sending dozens of people to the hospital, at least four with serious injuries.

The bus driver was arrested on reckless driving charges.

"He was driving too fast for the conditions," Virginia State Police Sgt. Les Tyler said.

Shanora Moore was hurt in the accident.

"The bus just went boom! And the glass shattered," she recalled.

In Philadelphia, Monday's 4.5 inches of snow made this winter the second snowiest on record. The National Weather Service said 67.4 inches had fallen so far for the 2013-2014 season.

This comes while business owners along the New Jersey boardwalk are anxiously waiting to say good-bye to snow and hello to tourists.

"Three more days until spring," Jersey Shore business owner Maggie Warner said on Monday. "We just want it to be here, so hopefully the snow is out of the system right now, and we're looking forward to spring."

"We just want to get open, and we want guests to start coming here and the sun to be shining," she added.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., things are just getting back to normal after Monday's snowstorm dumped more than 10 inches on parts of the metro area.

The federal government is back open after being closed down, along with dozens of schools.

AccuWeather said this is the third largest snowstorm to hit D.C. this late in the season. It's made for some disastrous driving.

A commercial passenger bus carrying 54 people overturned on I-95 south of D.C., leaving four passengers with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

On Tuesday, the airports are getting back to normal after hundreds of flights were grounded on Monday.

Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing, possibly reaching the 60s this weekend.

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