US Family Escapes Ukraine with Adopted Kids


The crisis in Ukraine is shaking the world, but it had a more personal impact on one American family.

Don and Lisa Jenkins finally arrived home Sunday after nearly a month stuck in Kiev.

They went to adopt four kids and found themselves in the middle of the revolution, with no idea when they'd return home.

"Every day it was like, 'Oh, just a couple more days," Lisa said.

"When we would get to the lowest part we would get a Facebook message from somebody at church or a coworker that would say 'Just hang in there, the Lord's with you'... And those little things is really what got us through," she continued.

The family, including their adopted children, were greeted at the Kansas airport by family and friends who had been praying for their safe return.

"So happy that we are here. It's my dream to be in America. I'm so excited to be in this family. I'm excited that I am Jenkins and I love them very much," Natalie, their newly adopted daughter, said

The family claims their faith in Christ gave them strength.

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