Case for Clemency? Radical Redemption on Death Row


The execution of Georgia's only female death row inmate has been postponed for the second time.

Kelly Gissendaner was convicted in 1997 for recruiting her boyfriend to kill her husband. She is set to be the first woman executed in the state since 1945.

The boyfriend, Gregory Bruce Owen, pleaded guilty and testified against her in exchange for a life sentence.

Since Gissendaner's imprisonment, she is said to have experienced a dramatic spiritual transformation and now counsels others inmates.

"I have learned first-hand that no one, not even me, is beyond redemption through God's grace and mercy," Gissendaner said of her spiritual journey.

Her execution date was orginally scheduled for February 25 but was delayed because of inclement weather.

It was halted again over concerns about the drugs that were to be used for the execution.

Gissendaner's lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit on her behalf that claims the state botched her execution by not having the proper drugs to kill her humanely, which put her through an agonizing wait over her impending death.

Christians around the country are petitioning for her to be spared.

Dr. Jennifer McBride taught Gissendaner theology classes in prison. CBN News spoke with her about the case.    

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