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Evangelist George Osborn: God Rescued Me from the Occult and Death


George Osborn, the founder of Lumina Ministries, which provides Christian ministry to the new age community, was lost in a life of drugs, drinking and Ouija boards before accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Osborn's involvement with drugs began at an early age. He started smoking when he was only 8-years-old and using "soft drugs" at age 11.

"I got involved with the wrong crowd early on. I think I wanted to be the man of my group of friends, and it felt exciting at the time to be puffing on a cigarette in front of them," Osborn told Premier Christianity. "But the excitement soon wore off, and then I was after the next thing. I started sniffing aerosols and then progressed onto weed, cocaine and ecstasy."

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Osborn then got involved with the occult. He became obsessed with Ouija boards.

His first experience with a Ouija board happened when he was in secondary school.

"One day after school, my mates and I were invited to play Ouija at someone's house," Osborn explained. "During the game the atmosphere changed quickly. We were asking questions, and I thought my friends were pushing the glass. But I soon realized it wasn't fake: the information provided to me was unknown by my friends."

"I was gripped by Ouija. I became addicted and started playing every day after school," he continued. "We'd make up our own boards written on cigarette packets, using a coin instead of a glass. I turned to petty theft, using the Ouija to help me. I would shoplift and ask if the coast was clear, the coin moving to either yes or no."

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Osborn believed he was communicating with spirits. He said playing with Ouija boards led to demonic possession.

"We were getting frustrated with having to set up a board or cigarette packet every time we wanted to play Ouija, so we contacted the spirits and invited them to come into our bodies," he said. "Nothing dramatic happened at the time. But a few days later there was a new dialogue; a new person in my mind with me. Again I was asking questions and it was answering me."

Oborn said one night when he was outside a church causing trouble, he encountered Christianty. He said a Christian who was in charge of the youth club requested to pray for him.

"I remember thinking: 'Why does this man want to pray for me?'" Osborn shared. "Then he prayed in the name of Jesus and as soon as Jesus' name was mentioned, my body shook and I became angry. He invited me back to the church to be prayed for the following week."

"As they prayed for me a week later, the spirits inside me physically took hold of my body," he continued. "Strange voices came from my mouth. It was scary and escalated to happening outside and at school. I would flip out and try to grab people and punch them."

Osborn said one day a demon turned on him, and he almost died.

"I was chasing one of my friends down a railway track when a demon physically took over my body and laid me down on the track," Osborn explained. "As I lay there with a train coming towards me on the line, I thought I was going to die. But as the train approached, it felt like someone or something grabbed hold of the back of my neck and pulled me bolt upright."

"I was on my feet with the train whizzing past my face," he continued. "I believe in that moment that God literally pulled me up off the track."

Osborn said he then ran to the home of a Christian friend and explained what happened.

"I prayed for the first time in his living room, and begged Jesus to help me," Osborn said. "Whatever was inside left me that day, and I left the house a completely different person. I went to church after that experience and we gave an assembly at my school. A number of my friends decided to give their lives to Christ."

Osborn said he struggled in his walk with Jesus.

"It seemed to be a list of rules that I needed to follow in order to please God," he explained. "I wanted to do it, especially after all he had done for me, but the truth is I just couldn't, and I felt like I was really letting Jesus down. Eventually, I drifted away from Jesus."

Osborn tried to find happiness through work, relationships, money and drugs. He said they all left him feeling empty.

"My meanderings found me back in the UK in the church I had been to those years previously," he shared. "One of the first things I heard was the story of the prodigal son, and this, on reflection, was me. I remember sitting at the back of the church crying, and I turned to God in that service. The thing I'd been searching for all my life was God's love."

Osborn realized he's going to make mistakes, but that doesn't change God's love for him.

"He is there with his open arms; the condition is that I come to him. I understood grace for the first time," Osborn said.

"Jesus' love has radically gripped me -- so much so that I gave up paid work and began a ministry called Lumina. Now I reach people who are dabbling with the occult, taking the light of Christ into that dark place."

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