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The Mission of MLB's Cameron Maybin


Major League Baseball veteran Cameron Maybin may go to work in Los Angeles, but his home will always be on the other side of the country.

The newest member of the Angels outfield is spending the holidays in his small hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, as a way of thanking the community that gave rise to his big league career.

"Being a kid who grew up in this town, this town is dear to my heart. I talk about it everywhere I go," he told WLOS news. "I take a little piece of Asheville with me everywhere I go. To be able to come back around the holidays, and reach out, it's a blessing."

But Maybin won't just be meeting with family and friends, or taking a trip down memory lane while home.  He's also working on a special project called "The Maybin Mission."

That project, which is a charity run by Maybin and his wife, Courtney, is partnering with the local Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club to help families in need during the holiday season.

The Boys & Girls Club is one that Cameron knows well.  It was his after-school hangout spot while growing up.

"People know my family. And I've tried to use my platform to give back. I still acknowledge where I'm from. I care about Asheville's future," he said.

The Maybin Mission will be sponsoring 30 children from The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program.  So far, the response has been overwhelming.

"The buzz around the project, the help around the project, the love around the project … it's all been truly amazing," Maybin said. "It's nice to do something like that for a town."

"Cam understands that it's not really about him," said Colby Harris, the program direct at Parisi Speed School in Hendersonville.  "He understands that there is a bigger purpose to it.  Him giving his time, and helping these families shows his true humility. That shows his character."

You can learn more about the Maybin Mission at Cameron's website, www.maybinmission.com.

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