Good Friday Prayer Vigil Saves Unborn Lives


For the last five years, the Pro-Life Action League has used Good Friday as a day to pray for the unborn.

The annual event is called, "Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion."  Prayer vigils are held outside of abortion clinics across the country and include prayer stations that have biblical images of Christ's journey to the cross.

And according to a YouTube video posted by the group in 2016, the prayers make a difference.

"Even as we were all kneeling down and contemlating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, a baby was saved from abortion right here," said a man in the video.

Eric Scheidler, national organizer of the event and executive director of the League, told The Christian Post that the vigils plan to connect "Christ's suffering 2,000 years ago with the shockwaves of suffering caused by abortion today."

"We draw a connection between Golgotha, the 'place of the skull' where Jesus was crucified, and each abortion facility in our country, where the innocent blood of unborn children made in His image and likeness is shed day by day," explained Scheidler.

"This event has grown a great deal over the years," he said. "Our volunteer leaders across the country report that people deeply appreciate having such a special pro-life activity to participate in on Good Friday. For many, it has become a cherished tradition."

Attendees will be encouraged to pray for children "threatened by abortion," their parents, friends and family, women who have had an abortion, and employees working in abortion clinics.

Vigils are scheduled to be held at 73 abortion clinics across the country.

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