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How This Florida Mom with a Deadly Tumor Found a Miracle Connection

Stephanie Jones

When Stephanie Jones (alias) went to the doctor in November of last year for recurring headaches, she was shocked by the diagnosis.

"He pulled out my scans and showed my skull with a big white blob in the middle," she said in an interview with CBN News.

She explained, "Initially he told us that it was a brain lesion but by the time we left that turned into a brain tumor."  
Doctors told Jones that removing the tumor would be too risky, leaving her feeling hopeless.

"Hearing doctor after doctor say, 'Look this is too risky, nobody should touch this, we're just going to go forward with treatment,' pretty much hope the treatment would get rid of it on its own, I was terrified," said Jones.    

"After we knew it was inoperable, we started clinging to our faith and we were like if nobody else can do it, we know God can."

Relying on her faith, Jones turned to blogging to share her story and how she was looking to God for comfort and strength.

"A friend of mine suggested that a blog might be a great way to manage and go through my emotions," she said.

The day she posted her first blog entry, her story went viral. Within twenty-four hours of posting her initial entry, she was contacted by Dr. Michael  Dr. Sughrue, a neurosurgeon in Oklahoma who suggested she send him her scans.

"About half of his patients are people who were told that their brain tumors were inoperable, and that was not the case," Jones told CBN News.

Not long after the chance meeting, Dr. Sughrue removed Jones' tumor.

"It was a miracle for how everything transpired and how he found us, how we connected because as soon as I sent him my scans, four days later I was on the operating table."

The surgery was successful and Jones said she is 'doing great.'

She is now sharing her story with even more people as a way to encourage them to never give up.

"It's so important that you never lose hope because when you lose hope that's when the fear creeps in. You can't survive on fear."

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