Doctors Tell Mom Newborn is Untreatable — Thankfully She Was Allowed to Get a Second Opinion


When Sarah Lemons’ baby, Calvin, was born with a rare heart condition, she was told there was little hope. The left side of baby Calvin’s heart was so underdeveloped, it was barely existent.

With surgery extremely risky, at least four hospitals denied Lemons’ request for a lifesaving procedure for her baby boy. After suffering a stroke on top of the condition, Calvin’s life was hanging by a thread.

With nowhere else to turn, Lemons’ turned to social media for help. Like so many of us would in this situation, she was waiting on a hope and a prayer that there would be an answer for Calvin’s nearly insurmountable issue.

Her decision to reach out was the best thing she could have done. Someone on social media recommended she contact Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. After doing so, Lemons’ met the doctor who would save Calvin’s life.

Dr. Redmond Burke told Lemons’ they don’t like the word “inoperable” and his hospital – and he wanted to give Calvin’s life a chance.

“We felt like we could find a way,” said Burke, who confirmed that Calvin was once of the highest risk patients the hospital had ever worked with.

Burke said they “rebuilt his heart in a 5-hour operation,” an incredible, risky feat that could have ended in tragedy, but didn’t.

A news report saids Calvin will need two more surgeries but he has an “excellent” prognosis.

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