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The 'Big Lie': Dinesh D'Souza Exposes Neo-Nazi Roots of the Progressive Left


New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza is out with a new book aimed at exposing what he calls "The Big Lie" of the progressive Left.

"Ever since Trump, the Left has been accusing him of being a fascist; the Republican Party is the party of Neo-Nazis -- all of this is based on the assumption that fascism is on the Right, (that) it's a ring-wing thing," D'Souza told CBN News. "What I do in the book is kind of a deep history of fascism and National Socialism. I show, 'Wait a minute - these have always been on the Left.'"

In his new book, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, D'Souza says it is not the GOP that is the party closely aligned with fascism, but the Democratic Left.

"First of all, if you go to the college campuses you see these groups called Antifa. The name actually stands for anti-fascist, and yet if you look at them they're wearing costumes; they wear masks; they carry bike locks and baseballs bats as weapons," D'Souza told CBN.

"They intimidate. They terrorize. They use violence yet they're doing it supposedly to fight fascism -- except they look like the fascists, they talk like the fascists and they behave like the fascists."

D'Souza also discusses in his book the mutual admiration Benito Mussolini and Franklin D. Roosevelt had for one another, and makes the claim that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger inspired Nazi racial theorists.  

"Margaret Sanger was part of a community in the United States and they were the community of eugenics. Eugenics means you sort of encourage the people you think are fit or successful to have children, and you try to prevent the people you consider to be inferior from breeding at all," explained D'Souza.

"So Margaret Sanger supported forced sterilization, and these forced sterilization laws that were promoted in the United States were copied by the Nazis in 1933 for the notorious Nazi-forced sterilization program," he continued.

"And similarly American progressives were advocating what one guy called lethal chambers to kill off people. And the Nazis again established a euthanasia program using lethal chambers and carbon monoxide gas," he said.

D'Souza told CBN News that he was inspired to write this book at this particular time in history because he considers his work the intellectual equivalent of investigative reporting.

"I find that there's fake news and there's fake scholarship," he charged. "Fake scholarship is the way in which progressive scholars distort the narrative of American history to serve their political agenda. Part of my work is unmasking and exposing them."

 "It's a big lie, and that's the title of the book. When Hitler spoke of the big lie he said small lies can be caught, but sometimes lies are so audacious and so big that you can't get your head around them so it's kind of easier to sell a big lie than a small lie and that's what the Left is doing in America right now," he said.

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