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Bullied Boy Gets Biker Escort to School


Ten-year-old Xander Rose was afraid to go to school because he was constantly bullied.

That all changed the day he came to class with two lines of tough-looking bikers on each side.

The leather-clad biker escort sent a clear message: bullying is never okay. It's a message that hits home for the community, which is located in Cape Breton, Canada.

Bullying drove three young people to take their own lives in a span of six months.

Rose's mothers says she doesn't want her son to be a part of that statistic.

"I didn't want my child's name to become another one on that list. That's where it felt like it was going. We were watching him withdraw, he didn't want to come to school, he didn't want to come out of his bedroom most days," said Katie Laybolt, Xander's mother.

Laybolt also says her son was jumped, had his own clothes ripped off his back, and was told to die by other children.

So she reached out to the biker group called "Defenders of the Children" in hopes of giving her son a little confidence boost.

It worked and they say Rose is considered family.

"He's much loved and has a very protective family on two wheels," the group said in a facebook post.




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