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Have You Seen Me? One Christian Mom's Relentless Fight to Bring Her Missing Daughter Home


CBN News interviewed Colleen Nick about the kidnapping of her daughter, Morgan. A stranger abducted her in 1995, and she remains missing. Have you seen her? Watch the interview above.

The FBI reports that last year alone, there were more than 465,000 reports of missing children made to law enforcement in the United States.

One woman who is working to bring missing children home -- including her own daughter -- is Colleen Nick.

A stranger kidnapped her daughter, Morgan, from a little league baseball game on June 9, 1995, in Alma, Arkansas, when she was six years old. The Nicks were there to watch some friends' children play ball.

Near the end of the game, Morgan and two other children went to catch fireflies. Morgan sat down to get sand out of her shoes, and the other two walked away. It was then that Morgan disappeared.

"Unfortunately, Morgan has not been found, and it's a search that still goes on today," Colleen told CBN News.

Twenty-two years later, Colleen refuses to give up hope.

"Until someone can prove to me that Morgan is not coming home, my fight remains for her," she said. "(I'm) committed to finding her and bringing her home to our family."

Colleen's faith in Jesus Christ motivates her to press on.

"I'm a person who was raised in faith, and one of the things that our family has done is to believe that miracles still happen -- to trust that even though it doesn't look good from this side, that the facts seem to be against us -- a miracle can still happen for Morgan," she said.

"And if we fight hard enough and long enough, that she'll come home," Colleen continued. 

CBN News also interviewed Colleen Nick in 2006. The story aired on The 700 Club. Click here to watch. 

She cited examples of other abductions in which the victims were found alive many years later, including Jaycee Dugard and three Cleveland, Ohio, women -- Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus.

"And so we know that children survive, and they just cannot get home by themselves, and it's up to us to make sure that Morgan has the opportunity to come home if she's waiting for us," Colleen told CBN News.

Colleen founded the Morgan Nick Foundation in 1996 to help bring missing kids home. The organization provides resources for families to help them recover lost children.

It also provides prevention education to about 30,000 children each year in Arkansas and surrounding states. In addition, the foundation advocates for legislation that protects the rights of children over offenders.

Colleen is grateful for new technology to help in the fight.

"Twenty-two years ago when Morgan was missing we were elated to be able to find a guy who set up a fax system that faxed all night long and faxed Morgan's information to multiple businesses," she explained.

"Twenty-two years later with just a post on Instagram or a Twitter account or Facebook, through the use of social media, we can literally reach hundreds of thousands of people within just a very few minutes," she continued.

"One in six missing children comes home because someone recognizes their image from some form of media," she added.

Colleen told CBN News that age-progressed pictures are an important tool to find missing kids. She believes Morgan's most recent image is probably a "very good picture of what she looks like today."

She hopes people join her in the fight to rescue the lost.

"If you see a child and you know that something is just not okay -- you don't even have to know exactly what it is -- make the call," she said. "Let law enforcement decide what is going on with that child, and let them bring the proper intervention."

"If you get an Amber Alert on your phone, stop what you're doing -- literally, just look around in front of you at the people who are passing by and see if you see that child," Colleen continued. 

"Everyone thinks that they would not be the person to spot a child from an Amber Alert, and yet, over 900 kids have been rescued because of the Amber Alert," she said.

If you think you've seen Morgan Nick or know anything about her case, call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.

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