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Modern Day Good Samaritan Helps Man With No Shoes


An Arizona man's simple act of kindness sounds like a story coming right out of the Bible. 

David Lee Witherspoon Jr. was leaving his job at a food pantry in Phoenix, Arizona when he suddenly saw a man crawling on all fours on the blazing pavement. 

He immediately ran to the man and asked him what was wrong. 

 The man explained that he had become homeless and didn't have any shoes to protect his feet from the searing ground.

Arizona temperatures climb well over one hundred degrees during summertime and can easily burn one's feet.

Witherspoon quickly grabbed a spare pair of shoes and a water bottle from his car and then bent down to carefully wash the man's feet before slipping on his new pair of shoes. 

Witherspoon says he keeps multiple pairs of shoes in his car so he can switch them out between his job at the office of Phoenix Veteran Affairs and the food pantry. 

While many are quick to call Witherspoon a hero, he says what he did was simple.

"A lot of people give up on people now and that's the biggest problem," Witherspoon explained in the video below. "I mean, you don't have to… empty your wallet or anything like that; just a simple, kind act."

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