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The Case of the Transgender Sprinter: Confronting Falsehood with Truth


My wife Cindy and two of our daughters attended college on Title IX volleyball scholarships.

The story of the transgender sprinter's victory in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut State Track and Field Championships forebodes the ruin of women sports over the next quarter century.

A person's sex is biological, not psychological. Those who attempt to make what is false true, and what is true false, must be confronted. To remain silent is a commitment to subsist in a morally upturned world.

LGBTQ advocates (same-sex intercourse and marriage crusaders) seek to impose a standard where society never engages in a conversation about sin. Of course, if the act of homosexuality is not sin, then running around on one's spouse is not sin; if adultery is not sin, then stealing from the 7-Eleven is not sin.

As former Missouri State Senator Jim Lembke stated:
•    If there is truth, there must be a higher authority that establishes that truth.
•    If everything is truth, then nothing is true.
•    If there is not a set of standards that are objectively true, then truth is relative.
•    If truth is relative then our freedom, liberty, and property are in danger.

Read the comments by the parents of Andraya Yearwood, printed in The Daily Wire article here.

They have been duped, indoctrinated by the secular humanists who control public education. America's classrooms, where the Bible and righteousness were once fundamental components of education, have become the battlefield and arena of conflict between Secularism and Christianity. Christians in America have abandoned the Public Square and public education, over the last three-quarters of a century.
Secularism brings disaster upon a nation. It places no value on the moral requirements that guarantee civilization's survival. Secularists now serve their own interests at the expense of the community. If virtue is a key component of freedom, and the glory of a nation lies in its righteousness, then those who love liberty must begin to stand in the public square. They must be ready to counter those fouling society with the false religion of political correctness, multiculturalism, and secularism.

Christians must not sit idly by and acquiesce to the consequences of unbelief, thereby giving a green light to, "widespread, systemic violations of law (which) brings on anarchy, both as its natural consequence and its fitting punishment, and with anarchy comes a multiplicity of rulers and factions."**

From a Judeo-Christian perspective, we Christians in America are most to be pitied for the idiocy of deserting the Judeo-Christian, Biblical-based culture established-for the safekeeping of the Republic-by the American Founders.
Three quotes from M. Stanton Evans classic, The Theme Is Freedom: Religion, Politics, and the American Tradition (1994), come to mind:

•  "When religious value is denied in the realm of spirit, but reasserted in the secular order, dominion of every facet of life converges in a single center; the political regime becomes both the church and state and claims authority over faith and conscience. It is this crushing, all-pervasive assertion of power over every aspect of existence, without exception or reserve, that is the truly distinguishing feature of totalitarian movements. It is what makes totalitarianism 'total'. And it occurs precisely because what was once considered a domain beyond the power of the state is now assumed to be completely within its purview."

•  "In essence, as the grip of Western faith has weakened, the old gods have come back. Hence not only astrology and Eastern cults, but abortion and euthanasia, the nature-worship of the environmental movement, homosexuality as an 'alternative lifestyle,' the jihad against expressions of our religion. Hence also, and most relevant to our central theme, the reemergence of the unlimited state and reduction of the individual. All bespeak a resurgence of the pagan worldview, and behaviors common to the pagan era."

•   "If we want to grow orchids instead of weeds, it is well to know what kind of climate, soil, and nurture are congenial to orchids; ignorance of or indifference to these matters will predictably result in failure. Ignorance of or indifference to the safeguards needed for the growth of liberty will issue in a like result, but with effects more baleful to consider."***

Gideons and Rahabs are going to have to stand.
David Lane is Founder of the American Renewal Project
* Jim Lembke, Recovering the Declaration of Independence
** Michael V. Fox, Proverbs Commentary
*** M. Stanton Evans, The Theme is Freedom


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