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Al Qaeda Urges Muslims to 'Kill Americans'


Al Qaeda is urging Muslims to kill Americans in retaliation for an air strike last week that allegedly destroyed a mosque.

The terror group released an official statement in English on the messaging app Telegram, titled "Kill the Americans without consulting anyone."

It instructed 'Muslims in general and the youth of Islam in particular" to "kill Americans" on their own, without asking anyone.

Al Qaeda blames "America and its damned president Trump" for the killing and wounding of "more than 300 worshipers" in a mosque in al-Jinah, Syria.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 49 Syrians were killed in the Thursday night bombing.

The Pentagon confirms it carried out the strike, but released an aerial photograph which shows the mosque still standing across the street from a building destroyed in the strike.  A spokesman said it "struck a meeting of senior al Qaeda terrorists, some of these were likely high-value individuals."

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