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Congressman Confirms, ISIS Attack on Capitol 'Chillingly Possible'


New York Times Best-selling author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg has a new book out that some are calling "too real" to be fiction. Without Warning is Rosenberg's latest offering and sets the stage for an ISIS attack on the nation's Capitol during the president's State of the Union address.

CBN's Wendy Griffith recenlty interviewed Rosenberg and asked him if something like this could really happen here.

Joel Rosenberg:  "I pray that it doesn't but, yes, I think it's a very, an increasingly likely scenario; maybe not the Capitol, but that's the symbol that they didn't get on 9/11. They tried. They hit New York; they hit the Pentagon but the Capitol was the last plane that we believe was downed by those heroes on Flight 93 over Pennsylvania, but it was heading toward the Capitol – so that's a risk, but of course it's very guarded.  I was just with Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul of Texas on Friday and I gave him a copy of Without Warning.  I also got a briefing from him on the latest threats to the Homeland. He said the scenario I lay out is 'chillingly possible.'"  

"The bigger danger is ISIS spreading out"

"He (McCaul) says, 'I know they want to hit us at the Capitol,' but the bigger danger in the novel is ISIS spreading out and hitting cities all over the country as they infiltrate foreign fighters that were fighting in Syria, Iraq and then come here, or that they recruit lone wolves and other types inside the United States and they start forming cells. Just last year, 36 people were arrested in the U.S. by the FBI for ISIS related plots to attack us inside the U.S. Thirty-six!  That's three a month and that was just last year - that's how chillingly realistic this scenario is."


Wendy:  How do you feel about the relationship between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Rosenberg:  When you start with the base line of the last eight years and how incredibly strained that relationship was, and how President Obama really deeply disdained and disliked Netanyahu and ended up making an insane nuclear deal with our worst enemy– not only Israel but the Sunnis were saying, 'This is crazy. Don't do it" -- I think the fact that Netanyahu and Trump have been friends for a long time, actually they feel like they know who each other is. I don't know if you know, that two election cycles ago, then businessman Trump actually cut a TV ad to support Netanyahu in our Israeli elections that was kind of amazing so they've been friends for a long time. Now here's the challenge in terms of U.S.- Israeli relations –

"Liberal support for Israel is cratering"

Polls are showing that people who consider themselves liberal or very liberal are starting to break away. Bernie Sanders, Jewish! Yet, didn't go to the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference hired anti-Israel activists to work in his campaign, made a horrible statement accused Israel of killing ten-thousand civilians in Gaza, completely not true, he later had to apologize for that...but that tells us the Democratic Party is starting to break away from support for Israel, this is a problem.  Keith Ellison, the Congressman from Minnesota, nearly won the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee."

Wendy: And he's a Muslim

Rosenberg: "Well, he could be Muslim and still be supportive of the relationship, in this case he's a Muslim who really can't stand Israel and he came very close to winning the DNC Chairmanship. What does that tells us? The good news is President Trump supports Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu supports Trump, that's good but we want Israel to be a bi-partisan issue in Congress and the United States; but Trump is so polarizing and Democrats hate him so much that it's dangerously possible that people will see supporting Israel as, well that's a Trump thing, and that would be a strategic problem both for American and Israel longer term.  

Netanyahu needs to encourage Democrats who support Israel – like New York Gov. Cuomo, a very prominent democrat who recently made a solidarity trip to Israel to stand against anti-Semitism, (people are talking about him running for president next time) We need to embrace them and not let it be or become a partisan divide."

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