From Church to Condo: The Spectacular Transformation of Two DC Sanctuaries

Sanctuary condo
Sanctuary condo

WASHINGTON – A D.C. developer's prayers are being answered by transforming historic churches into condominiums.

The Rubin Group, a real estate development company, converted an historic church on the corner of 9th and D Street NE into 26 condos, which run from $300,000 to $1.6 million.

It's called "The Sanctuary," a 19th century Gothic revival church. The congregation outgrew the building so they put it up for sale.

"It's a local landmark; it's hard to miss the exterior of the building," said Andrew Rubin, founder of the Rubin Group.

Built in 1897, the historic church has been integrated with a modern design, paying homage to a bygone era. The property features towering stain glass windows that were taken apart and restored by hand. In one unit, hanging 15 feet in the air, is the original chandelier.

"It's 120 years old and it was actually here when the original church opened. It started life as a gas chandelier," Rubin told CBN News.

The bell tower, which is 80 feet tall, offers a 360 degree view of Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, another church in the nation's capital is undergoing a similar transformation.

Rev. John McCoy, pastor at the Word of God Baptist Church, just sold his church of 30 years. Like The Sanctuary, it is now in the process of being turned into condos.

"They no longer had enough space for their congregation to meet so they had to move," Rubin explained.

"I think we probably looked at 30 to 40 properties and none of them would fit," said Rev. McCoy.

It's a similar story for many churches put on the market. But in some cases, developers are now moving in and turning churches into a place where you can live on a prayer.

"It's a great story of growth and ministry," Rubin said.

"I didn't know how God was going to do it, but He did it, and therefore this is an answer to the prayer," Rev. McCoy told CBN News.


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