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Las Vegas Massacre Victims Reunite with Their 'Heroes' Through Social Media


Las Vegas shooting victims are reuniting with the strangers who saved their lives through a Facebook page called "Find My LV Hero."

There, thousands of people are sharing their stories and pictures hoping to find and thank the people who helped them escape death.

Chris Gilman, who took a bullet to her abdomen, posted a simple plea in the Facebook group.

"Looking for husband and wife who were by the VIP bleachers and helped me get out," Gilman wrote. "My wife gave the husband her shirt and the wife held it against my side to stop bleeding as they carried me through the VIP area out to the street."

It wasn't long before Gilman found Alex and Wanda Valiente, the very people who kept her alive while Stephen Paddock rained down bullets on fellow concert-goers below.

This connection is just one of about 25 made so far through the Facebook page. But that hasn't stopped people from posting their own stories in the page, hoping to find the people who helped save their lives.

Myrna Lopez posted in the page looking for the paramedic who gave the socks off his feet to her friend when he saw her running barefoot.

"We just wanted to find him and thank him," Lopez wrote. "We saved those socks as a reminder that God was with us that night. He clothed us when we weren't clothed."

Lacey Tucker is desperate to find the couple that helped her, her cousin, and sister-in-law flee the gunfire.

They were hysterical and wounded, trying to find a lost friend in the midst of the shooting chaos.

That's when they ran into a man named John and his wife. John grabbed Tucker's hand, which immediately gave her the assurance that she was going to be okay.'

"It was the first at-peace feeling I had when he grabbed my hand," she said. "It was like I was a little girl and my dad just found me."

The couple took the three girls to safety and even went back to find their lost friend. Tucker says the couple just quietly left before they ever got a chance to say thank you.

"I don't think they really know what impact they had on us," Tucker said. "None of us were severely injured, so they probably don't think they helped save lives but they did."


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