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'This Is Not the Time to Be Tearful and Fearful: Alveda King on the Sutherland Springs Shooting


Alveda King is no stranger to violence. The niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., she grew up in the Civil Rights Movement and experienced the bombing of her family home in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960's.

Today, she's focused on prayer in response to the mass shooting at Sutherland Springs Baptist Church in Texas.

King sees a "spirit of murder" at work. "That murderous, destorying spirit, it certainly would be angry with the church and Christianity," King said.

She believes that spirit wants to scare believers away from going to church and her rebuke is clear, "Well no, the Christians--we will continue to go to church. We will continue to pray," said King.

King says Christians have an obligation to pray for those with violent anger who "want to kill indiscriminately." She believes the Lord will lead the country out of this dark period as people pray.

"I really believe that is true," she said adding, "I always say this is not the time to be tearful and fearful. If there's going to be any tears those tears should be of repentance....'Father we obviously are in deep sin. Father God please help us. Please forgive us and rescue us.'"


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