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U.S. Military Plays Big Role in Irma Relief Efforts


The U.S. military is playing a big part in the relief efforts associated with Hurricane Irma. The Department of Defense reports around 15,000 service members are helping in Florida, Georgia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

For example, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has power teams, debris removal teams, temporary roofing teams and port survey personnel on alert and ready to assist in Florida and Georgia.

The need is great.

"How are we going to survive from here?" asked Florida resident Gwen Bush, who worked her way through floodwaters to reach National Guard rescuers who would give her a ride to a shelter. "What's going to happen now? I just don't know."

Another assignment involving military personnel is food distribution. The Defense Logistics Agency will help give out more than 12 million meals over the next 10 days.

Assisting with evacuations is also part of the military's role.

"The main water line into the Florida Keys is reported off-line," wrote Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, a Defense Department spokesperson. "Damage to the Keys may necessitate evacuation of the 10,000 persons who did not evacuate prior to the storm."

The Air Force Press Desk reports that the Air National Guard evacuated more than a thousand American citizens from St. Martin on Sunday.

Air National Guard helps evacuate Americans from St. Martin. Watch above.

The Guard flew the American citizens in 11 different flights to safety in Puerto Rico.

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