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Chicago Violence Leaves Another Deadly Weekend on the Record as Faith Leaders Say They Aren't Giving Up


The death toll is now at six after another weekend of violence in Chicago where at least 59 people were shot. 

Police say all six were shot over the course of the weekend in several different shootings. All of the shootings are under investigation.

One of the shootings actually happened at a back-to-school peace rally with hundreds of children there. Three adults were hit by the gunman but no children. One person is in custody related to that shooting.

Christians rallied in Chicago for Jesus Summer to take the Gospel to the streets in hopes of bringing those committing the crimes to faith in Christ – bringing revival and peace to the city.

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios put out a call to prayer on Facebook over the weekend when he found out about one shooting, posting, "Two people shot please pray. Chicago!"

He's been fasting and praying over the city and believes that God is going to bring peace to the people and city of Chicago. He says he knows it can happen because it happened to him.

"I used to be a kingpin drug dealer. I sold drugs almost all my life until God got a hold of me," he told CBN News.

Salaberrios believes that targeting those committing the crimes is the answer.

"When you reach the shooters and the shooting stops, that brings peace right now," he said.

He posted on Facebook recently that he was seeing God at work despite the reports of crime.

"The power of fasting and prayer. People are spontaneously turning in guns to churches in Chicago – no buy back. Jesus!!!" he wrote.

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