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Ben Carson on School Shootings: 'We Know How to Protect Everybody Else – Why Can't We Protect Kids?' 


WASHINGTON – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says America must do a better job of protecting her children.

Secretary Carson says the nation needs "immediate solutions" to keep another tragic school shooting from happening.

"Right now, we need to protect the kids – how do we protect them? We know how to protect everybody else; why can't we protect them?" Carson said Friday in an exclusive interview with CBN News.

"Guess how hard it would be for that guy to get inside of a football stadium or even into this building and yet our most precious commodity, our children, you can get in there," he told CBN News from HUD's Washington headquarters.

He says addressing the psychological makeup of American society and retraining people will take a long time.

"Yes, we need to be talking to about the violence in our society. Yes, we need to be talking about the video games. Yes, we need to be talking about mental illness and how we restrict those people from having dangerous weapons or how do we report them? All that is important, but right now we need to protect the kids," Carson said.



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