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How to Revive Your Marriage With One Life-Altering Strategy

Photo Credit: Tony and Adelle Martelle/Facebook.
Photo Credit: Tony and Adelle Martelle/Facebook.

Click the player above to watch the interview with Tony and Adelle Martelle and their strategy for making marriages grow. 
A pastor and his wife say they have found the formula for making your marriage last and get better as the years go by.
Tony Martelle and his wife Adele recently sat down for an interview with CBN News to talk about their marriage strategy called "Radical Intimacy."
According to the couple's website, the Martelle's explain that intimacy is the power for creating stronger marriages.
According to the Martelles, "The word 'Intimacy' conjures up a myriad of thoughts and various definitions. Most commonly, a deep closeness between two people with some sort of sexual overlay."
"Regardless, intimacy has been unavoidable for you since birth. You are wired for intimacy. However, our upbringing, earliest attachments, and life experiences have either nurtured or neutered our capacity for healthy intimacy. Radical intimacy shares without holding back and is rooted in a confidence that you are loved regardless," the couple writes.
"We've been together for 10 years and we've discovered the first five years into our marriage we were like, 'we love each other but there is also something missing' because we are all created for more. We knew we wanted more out of each other. We wanted more out of our foundation with God. We wanted more out of that sense of security and attachment that is unique in marriage and we didn't know quite how to do it," Adele told CBN News.

"We started working on this concept, not really knowing it was a concept at the time, called 'pressing-in.' As we learned to press-in when everything says pull-away, push-away," she explained.
"Even when you don't feel intimate with them, you don't feel close with them, you don't feel secure with them, or you don't want to be.  We really looked at that and explored that with each other and what it takes to do that with each other, and we started realizing that it needed to be radical," she continued.
The Martelles say they see couples dealing with a lot of the same issues.
"For guys, it honestly all comes back to sexual identity," Tony said. "And, what does it mean to be intimate without sex. A lot of guys I've talked to reveals the same narrative. They don't talk to their spouses about sex, the needs or the emotions.  There's almost like a missing piece."
Go to the Martelle's Facebook page for more information and for live discussions on intimacy.

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