Nigeria Bus Station Blast Leaves Scores Dead


A morning explosion at a busy bus station in Nigeria's capital of Abuja claimed the lives of at least 71 people and injured 124 others.

The attack happened Monday while hundreds were traveling to work.

The blast destroyed more than 30 vehicles and led to secondary explosions when fuel tanks ignited and burned.

Security experts suspect the explosion was inside a vehicle, according to Air Commodore Charles Otegbade, director of search and rescue operations.

No one claimed responsibility, but suspicion has fallen on one particular extremist group.

"Fingers are being pointed at Boko Haram, the terrorist network that has been threatening to attack Nigeria's capital," NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton said.

Islamic groups have been causing violent uprisings in the northeast, and bus stations have been a favorite target of Islamic terrorists in Nigeria.

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