Christians Celebrate Easter Around the World


The world's more than 2 billion Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ Sunday.

In Washington, D.C., President Barack Obama and his family attended services at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church.

Meanwhile, more than 150,000 believers traveled to St. Peter's Square in Rome to hear the pope's Easter message.

Also, pilgrims from all over the world visited the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem for the annual sunrise service. Some people believe the garden is where Jesus was buried and rose again from the grave.

Rico Tice, from All Soul's Church in London, delivered the message, challenging believers with the central question following that first Easter.

"My question therefore is this - Is your life on this foundation: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?" Tice asked. "Because that is what means 'I put my arms around loved ones again.'"

"That is what means 'I see Jesus Christ,' he continued. "That is what means 'I'm forgiven.' That is what means 'I get a new resurrected body.' That is what means that 'Jesus is alive.' Is your faith here? Because this is the only secure foundation in the world."

Watch the entire Easter Sunrise Service from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, as streamed live on CBN News.

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