EU Targets 15 Russian Officials in Ukraine Crisis


The European Union is slapping sanctions on 15 new Russian officials or pro-Russian individuals for their part in the crisis in Ukraine.

EU ambassadors agreed to broaden travel restrictions and freeze more assets of individuals taking actions against the "territorial integrity of Ukraine."

At least 48 people are now being sanctioned, including the chief of the Russian general staff and the head of the Russian military intelligence agency.

The EU move comes after the United States decided to broaden its own sanctions to include seven Russian government officials and 17 companies with links to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Gennady Kernes, the mayor of Ukraine's second-largest city, was shot in the back Monday and hundreds of men attacked a peaceful pro-Ukraine rally with batons, bricks, and stun grenades. Dozens were wounded  as tensions soared in Ukraine's volatile east.

Kernes, critically injured Monday morning while jogging, was air lifted to Israel where doctors are fighting to save his life.

One presidential candidate said the mayor was deliberately targeted in an effort to destabilize the entire city of Kharkiv, a hub of 1.5 million people.

Armed insurgents backed by Moscow are seeking autonomy in eastern Ukraine and possibly even independence or annexation with Russia.

Ukraine's acting government and the West have accused Russia of orchestrating the unrest, which they fear Moscow could use as a pretext for an invasion.

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