Widow of Doctor Slain in Kabul Forgives Attacker


American pediatrician Jerry Umanos was one of three doctors killed Thursday when the guard hired to protect them instead opened fire at them at a Christian hospital in Kabul.

Thursday's attack was the second time in recent weeks that a faith organization has been targeted in Afghanistan.

Umanos loved the Afghan people and had been working in the country for the last seven years through Cure International. His wife, Jan Schuitema, said it was his calling.

"He always had a desire to be the hands and feet of Christ," she said. "He was always a light for Christ and he had a love and commitment that he expressed for the Afghan people because of that love for Christ."

***Dale Brantner CEO of Cure International, talked more about Thursday's tragedy on CBN News Today, April 25.

How will the recent attack affect the hospital work going forward? Brantner talks about this and more below on Christian World News, April 25.

The Cure International Hospital, where Umanos was slain, was founded in 2005 by invitation of the Afghan Health Ministry. It treated an estimated 37,000 patients a year.

Two years ago, Umanos spoke about the lives the hospital has helped save.

"Most of these kids here would be dead," he said in 2012. "There are very few other facilities that can take care of kids that are this small and do well."

His wife said her husband would want people to open their hearts to the Afghan people, just as he did. She then extended forgiveness to the gunman.

"Our family has suffered a great loss," Schuitema said. "We don't hold any ill will toward Afghanistan in general or even the gunman who did this."

The gunman, who shot himself after firing on the three doctors, was taken into custody after being treated by the very hospital he attacked.

"He was initially treated at the Cure Hospital and had now been transferred out of our facility to the government of Afghanistan," Mark Knecht, CFO of Cure International, said.

Meanwhile, many are praying for the families of the other victims: two American doctors, a father and son, who were also killed in Thursday's attack, and a female health care worker, who was injured.

"Please join us in praying for the families of the victims and those affected by the shooting as well as the peace in Afghanistan," Knecht said.

Investigators are still trying to find a motive for the shooting.

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