Can Hamas-Type Tunnels Infiltrate American Soil?


U.S. Border Patrol officials say several large areas of the border fence between the United States and Mexico have been damaged.

The damage was caused by heavy rains and smugglers. In one instance, agents discovered a garage-sized hole in the steel fence just east of Nogales, Arizona.

In another case, heavy rainstorms knocked down 60 feet of the rebar reinforced fence west of the Nogales-Mariposa entry point. That fence stood between 18 and 26 feet high and extended at least 7 feet underground.

The fence was built in 2011. It is constantly monitored by agents because smugglers and others who attempt to cross illegally routinely try to breach or knock down parts of it.

The Border Patrol says it does not keep track of fence breaches or attempted breaches, but it does have a special unit devoted to finding and destroying underground tunnels used to smuggle drugs.

Meanwhile, border security is an issue America's chief Mideast ally, Israel, can relate to.

The Gaza War has revealed to the world the sophisticated network of tunnels Hamas militants used to infiltrate the Jewish state.

How likely is it that terrorists could use similar tunnels along the U.S. border with Mexico to wreak havoc in America?

Chief International Correspondent Gary Lane talked to political host and analyst Michael Dozier about that possibility. What should be done by the government to prevent it?

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