Cuba to Build 1st Catholic Church Since Revolution


Cuba is scheduled to build its first Roman Catholic church since the Communist Revolution 55 years ago.

The project's main sponsor is Saint Lawrence Parish in Tampa, Florida, where most of the members are Cuban exiles or descendants of exiles.

The news comes right after a recent report of persecution against another church in Cuba. The Voice of the Martyrs reports that in July, government agents demolished a house church on the island.

The demolition began while Pastor Esmir Torreblanca and his wife and two young children were still asleep inside the house.

"(Officials) violently broke down the front door, which was locked. The police entered with batons alongside a group of men carrying machetes. They began to destroy and occupy the properties of the pastor and the church," Pastor Marcos Perdomo Silva, the church's main leader, said.

The family escaped but is now homeless.

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